Copper rings for electric motors

ZOLLERN offers seamlessly rolled and forged copper rings for industry and traction motors with high component quality and short lead times.
Produced in a modern ring-rolling mill

  • Near net shape, seamlessly rolled rings
  • First-class surface quality

ZOLLERN supplies

  • Short-circuit rings, slip rings, short-circuit rods; for larger rotors
  • Cap rings made from high-stability copper alloys; for fast-running rotors
  • Seamlessly rolled and forged rings in pure CuCr1Zr copper
  • Slip rings in CuNi2Si
  • Rings with external diameters from 200 mm to 2,500 mm

Rotor Bars. For electrical drives and generators.

ZOLLERN supplies bars and wedges for electrical drives and generators. In the first stage, the bars are pressed, then drawn, aligned and sawn to the required dimensions.