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ZOLLERN is one of the few companies with the capability to offer both cast and forged copper and copper alloys. The input material required for forging is produced internally. Forming takes place using forging hammers and a hydraulic forging press operating at forces of up to 1,600 tons.

Forging transforms the formerly coarse-grained cast microstructure into a fine grained structure. This increases its strength values without compromising tenacity and ductility. Furthermore, the density of the material is increased, meaning that forged parts offer high operating reliability both under high pressure-related stress and also for vacuum applications.

ZOLLERN produces hammer-formed forgings in piece weights up to around 3,500 kg. The smallest forging measurement is 23 mm in diameter, across flats or in thickness. The bars of 400 mm maximum diameter have a length of up to 10 meters. Zollern forges discs having a diameter of up to 1200 mm and rings having an outer diameter of up to 1800 mm.



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Forging is a non-cutting forming technology ...  more

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