Sand castings

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ZOLLERN applies the sand casting process for small and large piece weights. The manual moulding method is used for one-off production, while machine moulding methods are more suitable for large-scale series manufacture. The process is suitable for steel as well as non-ferrous metals. ZOLLERN uses this method for copper and copper alloys as well as steel qualities. The main area of emphasis lies with one-off and medium series production.

Production weights are between around 1 and 8,000 kg per piece for copper and copper alloys, and between 1 and 1,800 kg for steel. ZOLLERN offers particular expertise and experience when it comes to casting demanding alloys and complex components. As a result, another area of specialization is the copper - aluminium group (high-strength, corrosion resistant, pressure tight), copper and copper-chrome (highly conductive) and high alloy steels for water turbine components.

Sand casting process

During casting a liquid material solidifies and then becomes a solid part   More

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