Drive technology

Driving the world

Since 1972, drive technology has developed into the largest business area of the ZOLLERN Group. It consists of the main product groups Direct drives, Gearboxes and Winches with integrated flange drive gearboxes.

Covering equipment for construction machines, ship and port cranes and wind turbines, the products from ZOLLERN Drive Technology are in use in a wide range of machines worldwide.
Included here is a large spectrum of standard and special solutions designed for the specific demands of each application field.

ZOLLERN meets these requirements with its custom-made product spectrum.

  • Gearboxes
    Travel drives, slewing gears, special gears, wind turbine gears
  • Winches
    Lifting winches, free fall winches, rescue boat winches, compact winches
  • Direct drives
    Linear motors, torque motors

Furthermore, ZOLLERN supplies special solutions for automation and handling.