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ZOLLERN torque motors are ring-shaped. They consist of a stator with coils and a rotor with permanent magnets for generating high torques at low speed. They are designed to be exceptionally energy-efficient. They are compact and great value for money. Torque motors are lowwear, low-maintenance and free from play, with good controllability. Large standard range up to a maximum size of 2,500 mm and maximum torque of 58,000 Nm.


Torquemotor - Stator
Torquemotor - Rotor

The key properties and advantages are:

  • Constant torque up to double the nominal rate of rotation
  • Torque ripple < 0.6 %
  • Position scatter band (not compensated) Ps < 3“
  • Rated current up to 15% lower than normal solutions on the market
  • Power loss up to 25% lower than normal solutions on the market
  • Lower heat absorption into surrounding components
  • Closed cooling jacket available
  • Low-wear and low-maintenance
  • Free from play
  • Good controllability
  • Application-specific motor design possible  
  • Measuring machines

Typical application fields are:

  • Rotary tables and swivel axes in machine tools
  • Robots
  • Plastics machines
  • Wood processing machines
  • Special machines
  • Printing machines

Sizes and technical parameters:


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