Special gearboxes for the industry

The manifold applications of the industry require flexible gearbox solutions. They demand appropriate design and manufacturing capabilities of the suppliers. Customer-specified gear-construction implies exact knowledge of the customers’ wide-ranging conditions of use. The application of the most recent technologies and calculation methods, participation in the trade community and the power transmission research association are the basis for preservation of the high quality level. The realisation of these findings in the products has led to ZOLLERN today being held in high esteem in the market.

Product range

Planetary gear units, helical and bevel helical speed reducers, special gear units – also as speed-change gearboxes – from 5,000 to 6,000,000 Nm

Main features of ZOLLERN industrial gearboxes are:

  • Compact and flexible structural shapes
  • Noise-optimised construction
  • High-performance gear units as a result of the transmission of high torques
  • Low-maintenance designs – thus high availabilty
  • Product follow-up through all stations of the production process in accordance with EN ISO 9001

Typical applications are:

  • dredger and excavator construction (e.g. bucket wheel exavators, loaders, chain-and-bucket exavators, belt-type spreaders, dredgers with cutter head drives)
  • crane and winch construction (e.g. hoisting gears, slewing gears, boom slewing gears, luffing gears, travelling gears, winches)
  • mining
  • sugar industry (e.g. cane sugar mills, diffuser plants, extraction towers, minglers, scalding drums, sugar beet presses, beet washers, sugar beet slicer machines, conveying systems)
  • rubber and plastics industry (e.g. calanders, single shaft extruders, twin shaft extruders, roll mills, mixers)
  • iron and steel works and rolling mill units (e.g. rolling lines, continuous casting plants, twin-roller machines, strechting/levelling machines, straightening roll installations, coiler units, ring carrying cars, ring rolling machines, plate bending machines)

All ZOLLERN power transmissions can be supplied, depending on the customer’s wishes, with further construction and/or combination possibilities – e.g. with

  • power sharing,
  • superposition technology,
  • intermittend motion version,
  • shaft-mounted version with shrink-disc,
  • output in flanged version,
  • torque support.