Hoisting winches

ZOLLERN rope winches with integrated gearboxes have proved highly successful under extreme operating conditions. They use components common to ZOLLERN's complete range (winches, slewing units, industrial gears, free fall winches) giving the advantage of mass production: cost savings from standard parts, reduced lead times, tested and proven designs across the whole range and readily available spares for units in service.

Their principal features and most significant advantages are:

  • compact dimensions
  • ease of maintenance
  • long operation life
  • high performance
  • modular design of gear unit
  • functional design

With these characteristics the machine designer will get a ready to install unit and will achieve economic solutions even in confined space conditions.

Typical applications are:

  • mobile cranes
  • construction cranes and conveyors
  • material and working elevators
  • loading and cargo handling cranes
  • shipboard and deck cranes
  • rescue and wrecker salvage trucks
  • dockyard and harbour cranes
  • offshore cranes
  • container gantries
  • access platforms

Winch types and major parameters

Please see the standard winches below. Beside this standard product custom made design is always available for your special application.


ZHP 4.13 ZHP 4.15 ZHP 4.19 ZHP 4.20
Rope load at the drum 10.000 N 24.000 N 38.000 N 50.000 N
Rope diameter 10 mm 13 mm 16 mm 18 mm
Usable rope length 64,5 m 92,9 m 94,1 m 94,8 m
Rope speed (in layer) 55 m/min (7) 60 m/min (3) 42 m/min (3) 38 m/min (1)
ZHP 4.22 ZHP 4.24 ZHP 4.25
Rope load at the drum 60.000 N 75.000 N 100.000 N
Rope diameter 20 mm 20 mm 28 mm
Usable rope length 281,3 m 117,6 m 141,3 m
Rope speed (in layer) 35 m/min (3) 40 m/min (4) 35 m/min (2)
with output brake ZHP 4.19 ZHP 4.20 ZHP 4.25
Rope load at the drum 38.000 N 50.000 N 115.000 N
Rope diameter 16 mm 18 mm 22 mm
Usable rope length 115,9 m 185 m 155,9 m
Rope speed (in layer) 42 m/min (3) 38 m/min (1) 28 m/min (4)

Winch gearbox range
Output torques: 1,750 to 1,500,000 Nm. Rope load: 17 to 1,950 kN. In calculating the rope load, care must be taken to include reeving, hooks and an allowance for reeving efficiency.
Gear tooth design
Optimized for best possible tooth flank and root load capacity and minimum sliding velocity in accordance with DIN 3990. Externally toothed gears case-hardened and ground, internal gears heat-treated and nitride hardened
All rotation parts run on rotation element bearings. Ball bearings are used to support the drive gearing, needle roller bearings for the planet wheels and self-aligning bearings for the drum support bearings.
The efficiency per planetary stage is 98% and about 99% for the drum bearings including seals. Example: Rope winch with 2 planetary gear stages
_total = 0.98 x 0.98 x 0.99 = 0.95
All gears and anti-friction bearings are splash lubricated. The end support bearing is grease lubricated. Lifetime lubrication is available on request.
Oil change
Easy oil filling or draining on the drive side.
Oil level
Oil level is checked on the drive side with a dipstick.
Cooling may be required where the unit is to operate continuously in direct sunlight or high ambient temperatures. Cooling may also be required if the power-on time is high. Connections are provided for gearbox oil coolers.
Drive options
ZOLLERN’s modular system uses hydraulic or electric motors, or free shaft end drives. The drive shaft or sleeve can be designed with DIN 5480 toothing or with a key. A torsionally flexible coupling is also possible.
The drive and output are protected with radial shaft seals of double-lip type. This prevents oil leakage and protects the unit from ingress of dirt or water. Where the unit is be used offshore or on-ship, additional protection is provided with greased felt strips and secondary radial seals.
Mounting position
Rope winch fixing
The drive-side flange safely deflects the transverse force and the reaction torque into the steel holding structure. The opposing flange can be removed to install the rope winch and balances out length and angle tolerances. It only deflects transverse forces.
Fitted to the drive is an amply dimensioned spring-actuated multi-disc brake, hydraulically released, to hold the slewing mass and to brake the slewing mass in case of emergency. Not to be used as a service brake.
Pressure: min. 15 bar, max. 300 bar
Back pressure: max. 0.5 bar.
Please consult us if back pressure value exceeds this figure. Connecting line M 12 x 1.5. On request, a multi-disc, disc or drum brake can be provided to engage directly with the rope drum.
For special applications, a backstop can be incorporated between the gear transmission and the holding brake.
Geared limit switch
a) Electrical
Generates an electrical signal that switches off the rope winch at various rope travel or end limit positions of the load hook. The switch positions are infinitely adjustable. The switch is bolted to the removable flange and the cams engage with the bearing pins of the winch
b) Hydraulic
ZOLLERN geared limit switch with hydraulic signal, function as above.
Electric motor
Because the electric motor requires more space, it cannot be mounted inside the rope drum.
Operating conditions
The gear systems are designed for use in Central European conditions. Permissible oil temperatures -20°C to +70°C. Environmental factors such as salt water, salt-laden air, dust, excessive air pressure, heavy vibration, high shock loads and extreme ambient temperatures, corrosive media, etc. must be stated.

Specially developed multi-coating based on a two-component zinc-phosphate and epoxy resin system for Zollern gears and winches in continental surroundings. The top coat consists of a two-component polyurethane paint for increased colour-fastness, and comes in RAL 9002. Other colours are available on request.