Rescue boat winches

Hoisting in life saving and rescue equipment on ships and ferries becomes ever more safety critical – regulations for lifeboat and recovery boat winches have been drawn up by „Germanischer Lloyd“ (GL) and „SOLAS“ (International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea) in the year 1994. Already in 1995 ZOLLERN has developed a rescue boat winch range. This winch range is certified and approved for the use of life saving equipment. The winch can be used in the following fields of application:

  • Service boats
  • Lifeboats
  • Life rafts
  • Freefall boats
  • Evacuation systems
  • Multipurpose cranes and davits for both supply and rescue

This rescue boat winch is based on ZOLLERN’s wide design experience with hoist and freefall winches used world-wide. This model range has been completely designed according to the requirements of the applications.

The following features and characteristics signify the ZOLLERN rescue boat winch:

  • Very compact design
  • Centrifugal force control coupling completely enclosed in an oil chamber
  • Remote control for the gravity lowering system by „let-go“ or „stop & go“ function
  • Drive by hydraulic motor, electric motor or manual
  • Position switch lever with 4 methods of running operations
  • Crank handle is solidly fixed to the winch and only in the operation mode “Crank handle” in cooperation with gear, that means no removable / loose parts on the winch
  • Crank handle is blow-back proof through form-locking and integrated sprag device
  • Crank handle is protected by electric lock against simultaneous powered turning
  • Rope drum with single or multiple rope winding system
  • Optional rope limit switch electrical or hydraulically
  • Type inspection and verification certificate through Germanischen Lloyd - GL

Application as swell compensation for FRB – Fast Rescue Boat and MOB – Man Over Board

For these applications, the sizes ZR 4.15 and ZR 4.20 are available with swell compensation. SOLAS regulations demand higher requirements with regard to speeds and swell compensation systems in these applications. ZOLLERN supplies a rescue boat winch equipped with motor, lowering brake valve and swell compensation valve block which is approved according to the regulations of Germanischer Lloyd - GL.