Solutions for the automotive industry.

Products for ultimate requirements

Mobility is ever more important around the world. With population growth and increasing industrialisation, there is an urgent need for efficient automotive engineering to protect the environment.

In this field, ZOLLERN is a global specialist in heavy-duty motors and turbocharger components, lightweight constructional components made of steel and aluminium, as well as safety-relevant steel profiles.

For the construction of commercial and special-purpose vehicles, ZOLLERN also supplies slewing and drive gears, along with hoisting and free-fall winches with integrated gears.

For modern electric motors, used for example in high-speed trains, ZOLLERN supplies highly conductive copper alloy components.



ZOLLERN supplies a wide range of products to the automotive industry. Included here are:
Engine covers
Air guide components
Electronics boxes
Hydraulic boxes
Injection unit bars

Turbine wheels
Compressor wheels
Turbine vanes
Waste gates

Special castings
Special profiles

Commercial and
special vehicles
Drive gears
Slewing gears

Electric motors
Rotor end rings
Rotor bars