Mechanical engineering elements

ZOLLERN mechanical engineering components consist of: precision steel shafts for linear technology, steering columns, rods, piston rods for hydraulic and pneumatic systems as well as flat guide rails. Depending on their type of utilisation, the products are inductive-hardened, ground, machined or hard-chrome coated to take the heaviest strains.

With diameters of 2 to 205 mm for maximum lengths of 8000 mm, and up to 250 mm for maximum lengths of 6,000 mm, ZOLLERN products meet all types of industrial demands. ZOLLERN supplies in manufacturing lengths, fixed lengths, and according to customers' drawings to the narrowest tolerances. Surfaces can be ground, hardened, finished and/or hard-chrome coated. Alloys and non-alloy steel grades are available.

Shafts and flat profiles are machined in ZOLLERN's own workshops. They feature CNC radial and axial drilling machines developed in cooperation with the manufacturer. These machines are used for radial drilling into the hardened surfaces of shafts and flat profiles with freely definable exact spacing and precision alignment. ZOLLERN also uses the latest technology for aligned eccentric shafts, super-finished guide rods and longitudinal grooves with all conceivable profiles.

Depending on the degree of strain, the products are inductive-hardened, and especially durable chrome coating is applied in ZOLLERN's own workshop. This chrome-coating shop means ZOLLERN can carry out these complex processes easily, reliably and quickly. With Zollern Duro 3, ZOLLERN is launching a new dimension in surface quality. Even thinner yet higher-quality chrome coatings provide more scope than ever before.



Application areas

ZOLLERN mechanical engineering components are used in almost all areas of industry, mainly automotive industry, mechanical engineering, construction machinery and linear technology.

The products are used for example as:

  • Hardened shafts for linear guideways
  • Piston rods
  • Guide bars and guide shafts
  • Tubes
  • Guide rails
  • ZPF 8020 portal axles with ZLW 52 and ZLWU 52 carriages
  • High-speed-steel, bearingsteel 
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