Engine bearings

If huge power has to be directed

The ZOLLERN production processes are aligned to the specific requirements of plain bearings for large diesel engines, e.g. crush height measuring, fine boring for large diameters or the electro-plating processes, which are worldwide leading.

The most important product groups for engine bearings are:

Plain bearing shells
Turbocharger bearings

The employees in R&D, production and quality draw their know-how and expertise from years of experience in the field of plain bearing technology for combustion engines and general industrial engineering.

ZOLLERN customer service is available at all times. Whether to examine and evaluate a plain bearing or merely to provide expert information on plain bearing technology or tribology. ZOLLERN's test rig technology is unique. Thanks to the so-called two-pulse concept, combined with high stress loading frequencies, prolonged operating times can be represented in short-term tests (“screening”).

Environmental awareness is taken into account by, among other things, a unique metal recycling facility with an adjoining quality control.

Technical information

Multi layer materials

Conjunction of specific material properties aimed to adapt the plain bearings suitable for the advanced static and dynamic loads of the application  more