Hydrostatic guideways


  • Replaceable compact guideways
  • Linear roll guideways
  • Theoretically unlimited lifetime
  • Ideal for oscillation movements
  • No ball redirection from rolling elements
  • No friction by low motion, no stick-slip effect
  • Maximum positioning accuracy, no backlash
  • High damping by oil-filled lubrication gap
  • No vibrations from rolling elements
  • Maximum possible damping of vibrations from machining process
  • High security against collisions
  • Wear-free, no metallic contact
  • Speeds up to 50 m/s
  • Thermal stable, direct heat dissipation through lubrication oil
  • High machining accuracy and repeatability

Typical applications

  • Guideways with and without wrap-around
  • Guideway-units with linear motors
  • Compact guideways, replaceable with linear roll guideways
  • Round guideways, simultaneous linearand rotary movements
  • V-Flat guides
  • Guide rails
  • Guide plates





Hydrostatic guideway unit with integrated linear motor

Run-off precision: < 1μm.
Stroke: 350mm
Application: infeed-axis for grinders


Hydrostatic C-guide rails with screwmounted guide plates

Speed: 24 m/min.
Operating accuracy: < 1 μm
Application: revolver guidance for lathes/hard machining


Hydrostatic V-Flat

Stroke: 200 mm
Oscillation: 300 min-1
Run-off accuracy: < 2 μm
Application: rapidly oscillating slides



Hydrostatic guide rail

Stroke: 800 mm
Run-off accuracy: < 1 μm
Application: ready-to-install components for slide-guide



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