Industrial plain bearings

If high load meets precision

Industrial bearings such as cylindrical radial plain bearings or multi-lobe or tilting pad bearings have a long tradition within ZOLLERN. At an early stage, in the 1950ies, so-called multi-lobe bearings were designed and produced. The first tilting pad bearings were developed in the 1970s. ZOLLERN is also recognized
as a leading manufacturer of housing plain bearings.

Based on this fundamental experience the ZOLLERN employees are continuing the company’s successful tradition in the field of plain bearing innovations and state of the art customer support.

The most important product groups for industrial bearings are:

Thick-walled bearings
Tilting pad bearings
Housing plain bearings

The special designs of the respective hydrodynamic and hydrostatic plain bearings also underlie the fact that ZOLLERN has its own dedicated range of machines.

The environmental awareness is reflected by, among other things, a unique metal recycling facility with adjoining quality control.