Tilting pad bearings

Radial/ thrust bearings as tilting pad bearings are used for applications with high circumferential speeds or thrust loadings. Principal applications are turbines, gearboxes, turbo-compressors, fans, vertical generators, electrical machines or turbochargers.

Radial and thrust bearings of ZOLLERN:

  • for use at very high circumferential speeds or axial load ings
  • dimensions and designs to ZOLLERN standard or customers’ specifications
  • with pad carrier and anti-twist guard
  • journal tilting pad plain bearing with cast aluminium guide cage and thrust tilting pad plain bearings with steel support ring, completely assembled for installation
  • with hydrostatic starting aid if required
  • with temperature or vibration measuring sensors if required
  • compound material pads of steel /babbitt. For special duties of steel /lead bronze or CuCrNi / babbitt.
  • tilting pad thrust bearings with or without self-levelling plates
  • We also supply thrust and radial tilting pads in assembly sets and also spare or replacement parts.
  • designed down to the smallest detail to suit your purpose