Multi layer materials

The ever increasing demands on better performance of engines, motors and all kinds of machinery call for better plain bearings able to cope with growing dynamic and static loads and a desire for even longer service lives. These requirements can only be met by an optimum combination of specific properties of materials and specific design features. Multilayer compound materials offer the right solutions. A supporting shell, usually made of steel or cast iron, provides mechanical stability to the plain bearings.

Simple plain bearings are bimetallic, usually of compound materials like steel/babbitt, steel/bronze or steel/aluminium. The relatively thin layer of bearing material on the supporting shell brings about a substantially increased static and dynamic loadability as compared to a bearing made of just one metal.
Whenever the demands on a bearing‘s performance are higher than that a bimetal bearing can cope with, multilayer compound material is needed. Additional metal layers are added to a bimetal material by casting, electroplating or other processes and thus a multilayered compound material with superior properties is composed.