Steel profiles

Cutting costs - precisely

At ZOLLERN, we manufacture steel profiles in close cooperation with customers from all types of industries, and develop special design and manufacturing solutions. Precisely pre-shaped profiles are perfect for complex components that need to withstand high strains.

The manufacturing processes ZOLLERN uses to produce profiles increase material strength with the right cold forming and heat treatment, and if required they also improve machining properties. Constantly further developed and improved manufacturing processes coupled with the very latest quality assurance systems make the name ZOLLERN synonymous with top standards in the industry.

Manufacturing with profiles above all saves money. Reducing machining to a minimum with the intelligent use of profiles in structural parts cuts machinery and tool costs as well as costs for personnel and materials.

Product range

  • Cross-sections
    We manufacture profile cross-sections of between 5 mm2 and  7650 mm2. The maximum width of our profiles is 160 mm.
  • Lengths
    ZOLLERN steel profiles can be supplied as bars in manufacturing and fixed lengths of up to approx. 12 m depending on their cross-section. The length tolerance here is ± 2 mm.
  • Measurement tolerances
    Depending on the nominal measurement range, we achieve basic tolerance degrees of up to IT 8 according to ISO 286.
  • Surface roughness
    ZOLLERN supplies drawn profiles to roughness category N8 according to DIN-ISO 1302. That corresponds with a medium roughness value of Ra ≤ 3,2 μm or a mean roughness depth of Rz ≤ 16 μm. The values we achieve for blasted surfaces or after inductive hardening are Ra ≤ 5.0 μm or Rz ≤ 25 μm.