Increased capacities and wider market development

ZOLLERN extends their transmission technology business segment with ZOLLERN Rückle

The rotary tables and pallet systems for machine tools by Rückle represent maximum precision and future-orientated technologies. With the integration of the new company ZOLLERN Rückle into the transmission technology business segment, the ZOLLERN Group is positioning itself as a complete provider of components for machine tools and measuring machines. This generates numerous synergies: The sale of ZOLLERN and ZOLLERN Rückle is to be bundled and globalized. In addition, this allows optimum mutual utilisation of production capacities. Customers profit from a denser sales network, a higher service availability of the products for machine tools and a wider service and product spectrum from a single source.

In the transmission technology segment, which is the largest of the five business segments, the ZOLLERN Group specializes amongst other things in hydrostatic bearing systems and direct drives - the core components of high performance machines. "With the takeover of the Rückle and Eimeldingen brands, we have managed to combine the drive components with the workpiece handling and automation", explains Raik Flämig, Head of the transmission technology business segment at ZOLLERN. "We thus extend our market development and mutually increase our sales in the field of components and rotary table systems". Numerous synergetic effects result through the
merger between ZOLLERN and Rückle. The Sales, Service and Installation are to be merged and successively globalized. Customers from the field of mechanical and systems engineering can obtain both individual gearboxes, bearings and motors and rotary table systems and pallet changers from the sales locations across four continents. "Our sales network has now densified. The local contact partners for our existing customers will of course remain", explains Felix Schöller, Sales Manager at ZOLLERN Rückle. "The advantage of the fusion with ZOLLERN lies amongst other things in the higher service availability of our products". The Rückle production in Römerstein-Böhringen
supplements the production plants of the group of companies, the headquarters of which are situated in Sigmaringendorf. Due to the collaboration, both the transfer of technological know-how and the optimum utilization of capacities is guaranteed. In this way, ZOLLERN Rückle can plan with more foresight, and improve on their delivery performance. In addition, the rotary table experts profit from the possibilities offered by the ZOLLERN Group's strong financial basis. ZOLLERN Rückle are focussing on the expansion of the small and
medium product segment in terms of strategic planning.

About ZOLLERN Rückle
ZOLLERN Rückle GmbH was founded in 1910 in Esslingen – today, the
company is located in Römerstein-Böhringen. Since 2015, the traditional rotary table manufacturer has become part of the ZOLLERN Group, a leading manufacturer of the metal-processing industry. Numerous synergies of the two companies in design and development, production and installation contribute towards the future-orientated technology of the products. Rotary tables form the focus of the performance spectrum - in total, approx. 20 assemblies are offered. These are dimensioned for the technical require-ments of the three basic applications, milling, turning and grinding. The three series (TRT, MRT and GRT) are modular in form and can be individually adapted to the respective machine requirements.