Cooperation for complex investment casting parts in Chinese aviation

The investment casting specialists ZOLLERN and VOSS Aviation & Motion Technology have closed a cooperation for the development of the Chinese market for aviation parts.

ZOLLERN Investment Casting produces top-class investment casting products for the aviation and aerospace industry at its locations in Germany and Portugal. ZOLLERN is active worldwide with its 21 factories and subsidiaries. Now the aviation industry in Asia is also to be supplied with the complex components, which mainly consist of materials such as steel, aluminium and superalloys. The cooperation partner VOSS has been active in China for 25 years now, and, from its headquarters in Hong Kong, concentrates on mediation activities in complex branches such as the aviation and aerospace industry. China is considered the growth market in civil aviation. According to the prognoses, the Asian region should take over from the USA as the world's largest market for passenger aircraft over the next 20 years.