ZOLLERN takes over Eurocast business

The ZOLLERN group, with headquarters in Sigmaringendorf-Laucherthal, Germany, has acquired its former competitor Eurocast B.V., based in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, as of the purchase price payment in August. This indicates a further expansion of ZOLLERN's competitive position in the field of investment casting for high-tech applications.

In the first half of 2011, Aalberts Industries and ZOLLERN agreed on the acquisition of Eurocast B.V., a subsidiary of the listed company Aalberts Industries. This transaction was completed in August with the purchase price payment.

Eurocast is a specialist in the production of precision cast components for high-tech applications in the air and space travel industry, optical industry, medical technology and electrical industry. ZOLLERN will take over the projects and individual assets of Eurocast, but will not continue to manage the company as a manufacturing location and brand name. The existing business activities were transferred to ZOLLERN. The majority of the products taken over will be manufactured in the ZOLLERN plant in Soest, North Rhine Westphalia in the future. The sales activities and the support of existing customers will be integrated into ZOLLERN’s international sales network. With its own European subsidiaries in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Great Britain and Sweden, the existing customer relations will be seamlessly maintained.

Regarding the acquisition, Dr. Klaus F. Erkes, CEO of the ZOLLERN group, comments: “One of our main business fields is investment casting for high-tech applications. This year, we will exceed the revenue threshold of 100 million Euros in this field. Our plant in Soest specializes in high-strength aluminum investment casting and will be strategically expanded for the group. Along with expanding the customer base, the Eurocast acquisition will also serve to combine existing expertise and further improve productivity at this location. With the patented SOPHIA process, which is used at the plant in Soest, there will likely be opportunities for the existing Eurocast customers to intensify their business relationships. In any case, these customers will continue to be competently and reliably supported - now according to high ZOLLERN standards.”