End-to-end solutions for
the metalworking industry

ZOLLERN offers individual component solutions using copper based materials for machines in the metalforming industry. From the melting of the raw material and casting or forging
processes right through to the finished components with destructive or non-destructive testing, all stages of production take place within our plant.

ZOLLERN forged bronzes for the metalworking industry

  • Spindle nut
  • Bearing bushes
  • Pressure bearing, pressure ring, pressure punch
  • Guide rails, guide rollers

Custom design

  • High-strength copper aluminium alloys forged, rolled
  • Copper alloys, centrifuge or sand cast
  • Mechanically premachined or finished machined
  • Quality tested, with test report

Highest component quality

  • Excellent sliding behaviour
  • High degree of wear resistance
  • Excellent endurance limits