Over the years, Zollern Brasil is working on its brand for it to be perceived, in the mind of current and potential clients, as the best slide bearings manufacturer for capital goods, becoming a reference standard in excellence.


1978 Inauguration of the factory under the company name Glyco do Brasil Indústria Metalúrgica do Brasil Ltda with 76% German capital, 24% Brazilian capital, through a Society between Group Glyco from Germany and Cataguases-Leopoldina group - Brasil.
1981 The Brazilian partner exits the company. The Glyco Group now owns 100% of capital.
1989 Since 1989 until 1996, intense technology exchange between Glyco do Brasil and its sister company in Germany, Braunschweiger Hüttenwerke (BHW), by means of orders transference from BHW to our company.
1990 The Federal-Mogul Group, with headquarters in the USA, obtained share control of the entire Grupo Glyco Group including the Brazilian unit.
1991 Since 1991 until 1996, we were part of the Federal Mogul Corporation, with headquarters in the United States.
1995 Participation in sales for BHW grew significantly to the peak of 55% of the total sales.
1997 The Zollern Group, based in Germany, bought Glyco do Brasil and its sister company in Germany, Braunschweiger Hüttenwerk, forming the Zollern BHW company.
1998 The segment of bearings for Generators and Hydroelectric Turbines began to play a crucial role in our revenue. Launching of the Z bearings line.
1999 Foundation of Zollern North America, our product distribution center for Mexico, the United States and Canada, located in Houston, Texas.
2001 Since 2001 until 2003, with the blackout crisis and the subsequent hydrogenation “boom”, Zollern was in good position to service the strong increase in demand.
2002 Investments of €3,000,000.00 to attend the manufacturing of Z bearings and the growth in the hydrogenation capacity.
2004 Sales distribution in the order of 75% for the domestic market and 25% for countries such as Germany, the United States, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Cameroon, Chile, Australia and India among others.
2005 Investments of €1,000,000.00 for capacity increase due to a strong growth in domestic and North-American demand. The company name was changed to Zollern Transmissões Mecânicas Ltda.
2006 High level Profit all year. Low income orders till July, changed after August to an explosion. That permitted to start and do all year forecasted investment till January 2007.
2007 Machine Investments and Lean manufacturing Implantation, according Toyota Process.
2008 Started of Global Crisis on September, but Zollern wasn´t affected and kept in growth process.
2009 Until May, Zollern maintained high level of activities . After June, the crisis has affected the company and required hard measures to reduce cost and to improve the process. Despite the order income reduction, the profitability and financial health was stabilized.
2010 The crisis still damages our order income. However, two important projects, Rio Madeira Project and Ohio River Project, keep us with structure to stay alive.
2011 - 2012 These two years we cropped the results of the great projects Rio Madeira (“Santo Antônio” and “Jirau”) and Ohio River (Cannelton, Willow Island, Smithland and Mehldal). However, the low orders income indicated that 2013 would be a hard year.
The Founder

In 1708, Prince Meinrad II. (1689 – 1715) built an iron smelting works in Laucher-
thal. Now the ZOLLERN group is headquartered there. 

It employs more than 2,400 people at seven company sites around the world.

Today, Prince Karl Friedrich von Hohenzollern, represents the tenth generation of the von Hohenzollern family that owns the company. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board.