Hydrostatic bearings

If micrometres count.

Hydrostatic bearings are bearing systems that, because they are extremely precise and almost wear-free, are used especially in high-precision applications in measuring, testing and machine tool engineering.

The principle behind them is that an external pressure supply is used to continuously force fluid lubricant through inlet channels into chambers between the bearing surfaces. That means these bearing surfaces are always separated by a thin lubricant film which prevents any friction between the bearing surfaces. This allows highly precise position control in the sub-micrometre range.

Unlike hydrodynamic plain bearings, they avoid the slip resistance caused by mixed friction during start-up and rundown, which causes increased bearing wear.

ZOLLERN offers customers various hydrostatic bearing solutions. The main solutions are:

Apart from hydrostatic bearings, ZOLLERN also supplies accessories such as oil supply systems, oil cooling systems and monitoring components as well as on-site system start-ups. The relevant project planning and application advice is also available from ZOLLERN




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