Hydrostatic spindle units


  • Outstanding high machining accuracy, radial and axial runout < 0.5 μm
  • High radial and axial stiffness
  • No vibration from rolling elements
  • Maximum damping of vibrations from machining process
  • High surface quality and reduced tool wear through damping oil film
  • Full load of bearing capacity and stiffness even at speed zero
  • Wear-free, no mixed friction zone on starting and run-down
  • Peripheral speeds up to 65 m/s
  • Throttle system insensitive to turbulence and running gap
  • Thermal stable, direct heat dissipation through lubricating oil
  • Compact design; no external controller required, thanks integrated ZOLLERN bearing clearance compensator
  • Sealing effected by non-contact air-gap seals

Typical applications

  • Grinding spindle units
  • Milling spindle units
  • Workpiece- and turning spindle units
  • Fine drilling spindle units
  • Multi-spindle units


Multi-spindle unit, 7-way

Bearing diameter: 32-50 mm
Spindle speed: 3000-6000 rpm
Workpiece roundness: < 0,5-1 μm
Application: simultaneous fine drilling of bearing holes

Fine drilling spindle unit, 3-way

Bearing diameter: 70 mm
Spindle speed: 1000–6000 rpm
Workpiece roundness: < 0.5–1 μm
Application: fine drilling of conrod bearing holes in one production step



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