Steady rests

The standard version of the hydrostatic steady rest is designed for shafts weighing between 5 and 100 tons. Additionally, the modular design of the steady rest means it can be configured to meet your requirements. A special advantage is that we can also design the steady rest case as an NC axis.

Whether for turning, milling or grinding – heavy shafts such as generator or turbine shafts require additional support during machining. Anything else results in geometric errors. The solution: the Rückle hydrostatic steady rest. Compared to an anti-friction bearing-mounted steady rest, this prevents tracks on the shaft surface, eliminating costly reworking operations.
A compensator prevents shaft bending. The steady rest case can also be designed with an infeed function in a manual and NC version. This greatly simplifies handling. The steady rest is also extremely flexible. The case and support case are adjustable up to a diameter of 300 mm. In addition to a complete steady rest, individual cases and supports are also available. Safety is also a top priority. The case infeed mechanism is self-locking so that the shaft stays in position even in the event of a power outage.