Gearboxes for wind turbine generators

Full range gearbox solutions

With its production sites in Germany and China ZOLLERN's gearbox experience for wind turbines generators reaches back to the year 1988, when the very first main gearbox has been shipped to a customer.Today ZOLLERN is a full range gearbox supplier for wind energy applications. The company offers the main gearboxes as well as the pitch and azimuth gearboxes to its customers.

While the main gearbox transformes the relatively low rotor revolution speed into a higher revolution speed required by the generator, the pitch and azimuth gearboxes help to optimize the use of the wind power. Depending on the type of the wind turbine generator three or four azimuth gearboxes are applied to turn the tower into the wind. The pitch gearboxes, one per blade, turn them accordingly to the wind conditions.

Features and advantages of ZOLLERN gearboxes:

  • noise optimised
  • low maintenance
  • reliable
  • environemental friendly


Main gearboxes

The ZOLLERN main gearboxes for wind applications reach up to 2,5 MW turbines. Higher engine power classes are available on request.

Pitch and azimuth gearboxes

Zollern is one of the market leaders in that field of gearboxes. Pitch and azimuth gearboxes are offered for all types of engine power classes.