Free fall winches

ZOLLERN free fall winches with integrated gearboxes have proved highly successful under extreme operating conditions. They use components common to ZOLLERN's complete range (hoisting winches, slewing units, industrial gears) giving the advantage of mass production: cost savings from standard parts, reduced lead times, tested and proven designs across the whole range and readily available spares for units in service.

Their principal features and most significant advantages are:

  • compact design
  • rigid winch construction
  • modular design
  • high efficiency
  • long working life
  • simple maintenance
  • effective design

That gives machine designers ready-to-install units for cost-efficient solutions, even where space is at a premium.

Typical applications are:

  • drilling rigs
  • pile-boring plant
  • well-boring plant
  • louvered slide gripping device
  • stripping shovel
  • pipe layer
  • pile driving



Range of free fall winch models
Hoisting application, line pull 13 kN to 650 kN. Controlled free fall application, line pull 6,5 kN to 325 kN.

Gear tooth forms
Selected for optimum tooth flanks and root strength and also for minimum sliding velocity, as per DIN 3990. External gear teeth are case hardened and ground, internal gears are annealed and nitride hardened.

All gearbox elements are fitted with anti-friction bearings, needle roller or cylindical roller bearings for the planetary gears.

All gear parts and anti-friction bearings are oil splash-lubricated. The drum bearings are grease lubricated.

The input and ouput drives are protected against oil leakage and ingress of dirt or water by radial shaft sealing rings. The drum bearings are protected by felt rings or radial shaft sealing rings.

Rope drum
Material GGG-40 to GGG-60, rope groove pitch according ZOLLERN Sonderrillung. If the rope drum is without grooves, the rope can be wound in both directions.

Mounting position

Free fall brake
The free fall brake housing must be filled with hydraulic oil. In all applications, the circulation of hydraulic oil through the free fall brake housing is necessary. The circulating oil should be lead back to the reservoir without back pressure.

Free fall application
Normal line pull 50% of the hoisting capacity. If another line pull is necessary, please contact ZOLLERN.

Controlled free fall
If the spring loaded multiple disc brake is hydraulically released, a fast lowering application is possible. The line speed is controlled by the measuring pump and the free fall valve. An electrically or an manually operated free fall valve can be chosen.

Load stop
The load stop during controlled free fall up to standstill can be softly adjusted with both types of valves.