Vertical bearings

Zollern Vertical Bearings are designed to meet a wide range of application requirements. They are based on the state of art technology as well as structural studies and analysis, which guarantee their design reliability.
The bearing housing are finned and manufactured with modular cast iron type GGG40, thus being provided with high mechanical resistance, excellent heat dissipation capacity, high structural strength, and low vibration levels. They can with stand very cold ambient temperature. The bearings will use natural cooling, water cooling, fans or forced external oil cooling system, depending on the operating conditions and on the application.

Vertical bearing types

  • for slow and medium speed applications
    VC-series (thrust and guide pad bearing)
    VJ-series (guide pad bearing)
  • for high speed applications
    VH-series (thrust and guide pad bearing)
    VM-series (guide pad bearing)



Technical features

  • Finned housing design provides a larger area for heat dissipation.
  • Projects generated in a 3D platform.
  • Finite element analysis are used to assist the design of parts subjected to stress.
  • High electric and mechanical resistance isolating materials.
  • Interchangeable assembly positions for sensors, displays and thermometers.
  • Specific calculations for each bearing, according to the customer's specification.
  • Easy maintenance, assembly and disassembly.
  • Anti‐corrosive paints.
  • Oil drainage system.
  • Tailor‐made bearing designs according to customer’s needs, are also possible.
  • It is possible use a hydrostatic pressure system for starting up and shut down.

For temperature control purposes, threaded plug holes are included in the standard design, to facilitate the thermal sensors placement in the bearing shell, in the thrust pads and in the oil reservoir.
The type of sensor to be used will depend on the required reading (direct, centralized control system, etc.), to be specified by the customer.