Plain bearing shells

Thin-walled split radial plain bearings are applied for two-stroke crosshead and four-stroke trunk piston internal combustion engines and for other piston-type machines. They are generally used as main bearings, conrod bearings and crosshead bearings, and as bearings for camshafts and control shafts.

The ZOLLERN plain bearing shells are:

  • designed for internal combustion engines and other piston-type machines, but also proven in other areas of general industrial machines, e.g. gearboxes and roll stands
  • with a ratio of wall thickness to diameter less than 0.06
  • bimetal plain bearings in materials consisting of steel/white metal or steel/aluminium, trimetal plain bearings made of steel/bronze or steel/aluminium with an additional lining
  • with steel supporting shells and bearing metal coatings of between 0.5 and 3 mm and linings of between 0.01 and 0.04 mm
  • type of material selected to meet the requirements of the stress loading profile
  • made in exchangeable halves. When arbitrarily assembled, the pair of bearing shells always fits in such a way that, when installed, the seat complies with the specified prestress level
  • if required, compensation for housing distortion by adapted wall thickness progression to support the optimum bearing function, so that the inner diameter complies with a geometric shape which favours the formation of a uniform lubricating film
  • tested with special crush height measuring machines, which we produce also for our customers. The crush height is the characteristic required to achieve the necessary prestress in installed condition