Application samples

High-precision heavy-duty portal Payload: 5 tonnes on the vertical axis + 1.5 t accompanying switch cabinet Moved mass, X-axis: 10 tonnes Moved mass, Z-axis: 6 tonnes Travel data, X-axis: Vx=2m/s,ax=1m/s² Travel path, X-axis: 19,000mm, overall length 25,000 mm Travel path, Z-axis: 1,260 mm Support span: approx. 18,000 mm
Robotic travel axis with robot
Removal feeder with working platform
Area portal for lateral part tension
Palletising of boxes with intermediate layers
Area portal for the palletising of buckets
Gripper for engines, engine blocks, transmission wheel sets
Palletising cell for milling and swivel parts
Area portal for the palletising of textile rolls
8-fold overhead transfer for connecting rod machining with 4 gripper units each
Overhead transfer for workpiece holder pallets
Travel axis for the movement of 2 x 3000kg payload
Area portal for the unloading of cylinder heads from lattice boxes with camera system
Double press feeder
Palletising of car roofs
Line portal for the unloading of boards
Suction spiders for the unloading of a laser welding plant
Heavy-load portal 3000kg
Telescopic loader lift 6000mm
Picking plant
Overhead transfer in chassis construction
Loading and unloading of charging racks
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