ZOLLERN Investment Casting // EQX & DS / SX Shelling line
ZOLLERN Investment Casting // EQX and DS/SX furnace commissioned
ZOLLERN Investment Casting celebrates commissioning of new furnace.
We will present the ZOLLERN jack-up gearbox at Norshipping 2022 in Oslo
ZOLLERN-Feinguss investiert in neue Produktionslinie
ZOLLERN Investment Casting is investing in further EQX & DS / SX equipment
ZOLLERN unterstützt mit einer Spende an den ambulanten Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst der Malteser und die Angelo Stiftung die Arbeit von zwei sozialen Einrichtungen.
ZOLLERN supports the work of two social institutions with a donation to the outpatient children and youth hospice service of Malteser and the Angelo Foundation.
ZOLLERN Sand Casting and Forging // Approval of ABS classification
Solid flange with highly corrosion-resistant alloy CuNi30Mn1Fe (ZOLLERN brand NB30)
ZOLLERN is well prepared for the increasing demand for seawater-resistant materials for maritime and offshore applications.
Zollern GmbH & Co. KG
ZOLLERN sets the course for the future
ZOLLERN Sand Casting and Forging