Telescoping axes

ZOLLERN telescoping axes are particularly well-suited when normal linear axes are not suitable due to restricted installation space, such as low hall ceiling heights.
The telescoping axes are used in systems in the automotive industry, machine tool industry, metal processing industry, construction industry, food industry etc., e.g. as two-axis gantry systems, multi-axis gantry systems and as surface gantries.

Product examples


  • Space-saving telescoping axis
  • Rail guides and flat guides
  • Drive attachment of the gearbox, motor or geared motor as requested by the customer
  • Installation position of the drive unit can be chosen freely
  • Combination and attachment possibilities with additional ZOLLERN linear axes to form two-axis gantry systems and multi-axis gantry systems
  • Stakeout systems that hold in any position
  • Can be combined with rotary modules
  • Load range depending on the design type:
    • ZTA 200 = 200 kg
    • ZTA 300 = 300 kg
    • ZTA 600 = 600 kg
    • ZTA 1600 = 1,600 kg
  • Special size > 1,600 kg by request
  • Vertical and horizontal installation
  • Bending and torsionally stiff design
  • Drive via rack, pinion and roller chain
  • Standard traverse paths 100 - 3,000 mm as well as special lengths > 3,000 mm