ZOLLERN Electric motors. Modules and kits.

ZOLLERN Electric Motors are permanently-excited electric motors in synchronous or torque design. The torque motors have been developed for high torques at comparatively low speeds. Synchronous motors are used at high speeds.

Project planning, electrical design, engineering, production and assembly as well as commissioning of the direct drives all occurs in-house at ZOLLERN. This ensures an efficient and cost-optimised design and high quality.

Customer-specific requests and requirements within the standard design, such as the motor design and connection geometry, are of course taken into account.

At a glance

Machine tools

Drive in rotary tables

Drive in swivel axes

Drive in spindles

Maritime industry

Drive in winches and marine propulsion systems

Synchronous motor SM to drive electric winches


Drive in presses

Drive in eccentric presses

Crushing drives

Process Technology

Drive in agitators for sugar mills

Drive in centrifuges

Drive in agitators in power engineering (biogas)


ZOLLERN customer service offers fast spare parts deliveries, technical findings with repair report, high quality repairs by the manufacturer, assembly work worldwide, and commissioning support. ZOLLERN offers these services for all electric synchronous and torque motors.

  • Original spare parts
  • Retrofitting, revision and repair
  • Sales force
  • Error analysis on site
  • Maintenance service
  • Commissioning on site
  • ZOLLERN training centre
  • Diagnostics and condition monitoring
  • 24/7 support, service hotline