Sugar mill gearboxes

ZOLLERN sugar mill gearboxes have been used around the world under the ZOLLERN and Dorstener brand names for more than 40 years.

The product range has been continuously expanded from single-drive solutions to multi-drive solutions and supplemented by ZOLLERN synchronous motors.

  • 7 planetary gearbox overall sizes
  • Power range from 550,000 Nm to 6,300,000 Nm / 100 kW to 1,500 KW (as a standard)
  • Gear ratios from 130 to 501 (as a standard)
  • Expanded scope of delivery, such as couplings, brakes, electric/hydraulic motors
  • Different output and drive variants available
  • Spur gear and bevel gears individually or in combination
Product example


Possible configurations

Gearbox sizes

Zollern gear type Static max. load in Nm
ZHP 5.34 555.000
ZHP 5.36 885.000
ZHP 5.38 1.650.000
ZHP 5.40 2.325.000



Industry: Sugar mills