Hydrostatic rotary tables

The hydrostatic rotary tables from ZOLLERN impress with their durability and a high concentricity and axial runout accuracy. Thanks to the ZOLLERN bearing clearance compensator, the optimal pocket pressure is set automatically and independently of production tolerances. The freedom from friction at low speeds prevents slip stick and therefore allows maximum positioning accuracy.

Product examples

Table size: Ø 1800 mm
Radial bearing diameter: 1050 mm
Running precision: < 1 µm
RPM: 150 rpm
Axial bearing load capacity: 300 kN

Table size: Ø 750 mm
Radial bearing diameter: 374 mm
Running precision: < 0.3 µm
RPM: 10 rpm
Axial bearing load capacity: 30 kN

Table size: Ø 1000 mm
Radial bearing diameter: 550 mm
Running precision: < 1 µm
RPM: 380 rpm
Axial bearing load capacity: 50 kN

Table size: Ø 800 mm
Radial bearing diameter: 374mm
Bearing running accuracy < 1µm
RPM: 240 rpm
Nom. payload: 1700 kg
Oil type: ISO VG 10
Feed pressure: 35 bar
Clamping torque: 6000 Nm (hydraulic)

EP 1395465

Table size: Ø 500 mm
Radial bearing diameter: 374 mm
Bearing running accuracy: < 1µm
RPM: 100 rpm
Axial bearing load capacity 15 KN.
Oil type: ISO VG 22
Feed pressure: 30 bar
Clamping torque: 450 Nm (pneumatic)

EP 1352661

Features, advantages


  • Hydrostatic radial-axial bearing
  • The ZOLLERN bearing clearance compensator works without susceptible capillaries or controllers
  • Delivery with complete hydraulic system and control system optional
  • Axial-composite casting bearing with special emergency running properties


  • Calculative unlimited service life
  • No ball reversal jump due to rolling element deflections when the direction of rotation is reversed
  • Friction-free at low speeds, therefore maximum positioning accuracy; no stick-slip effect
  • Concentricity and axial runout accuracy < 0.5 µm



  • Turning machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Milling machines
  • Measuring machines