Winch systems

ZOLLERN develops application-specific complete systems as plug and play solutions. The scope of delivery of winches may include different components:

  • Steel construction
  • Cable
  • Cable winch with planetary slide-in gear
  • Cable winch with decentralised drive
  • Winch units (several cable winches in one joint steel structure)
  • Holding brake
  • Safety brake
  • Motor (synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, hydraulic motor)
  • Control or frequency control
  • ZMA monitoring systems
Product example

Fig.: Cable winch with integrated planetary gearbox, electric motor, frequency converter, brake and electric brake actuation and CMS

  • Marine: Ship crane, offshore crane, mobile harbour crane, shipyard crane, handling equipment
  • Construction machine: Lattice boom crane, tower crane, drilling rig, cable excavator
  • Industry: Clamping systems for conveyor systems, process and indoor cranes