Hoisting winches

ZOLLERN hoisting winches consist of two core components: the integrated winch gearbox and a customer-specific cable drub. The winch gearbox is based on a modular system and can be adapted to specific customer requirements, whereby many standard winch gearboxes are available. ZOLLERN hoisting winches are configured specific to the application. They can be delivered with additional components, such as motors, couplings, brakes and winch frames.

  • Application-specific rope winches based on a modular gearbox system
  • Power range 1,000 Nm to > 2,000,00 Nm (rope pull forces on the drum up to 2,650 kN)
  • Gear ratios from 21 to 1,200 (as a standard)
  • Complete winch system with motor and other additional components available
  • Type approvals of all major classification societies
  • Rope lengths > 3,000 m; Rope diameter greater than 100 mm
Product examples
  • Marine: Ship crane, mobile harbour crane, heavy duty crane, shipyard cranes, handling equipment
  • Construction machine: Mobile crane, drilling rig, cable excavator
  • Industry: Tension systems for conveyor systems, process and indoor cranes