Compliance Hotline
If you have any questions or if you have any known or suspected violations, including violations of human rights and environmental obligations, please contact:


Compliance department / Compliance Officer Rebecca Mutke
T +49 (0) 7571 70-733
E / 

If you would like to report your concern anonymously, please contact our independent legal counsel:

Kanzlei Reinhart
Büro Augsburg

T +49 (0)821 81511911

With a history stretching back over 300 years, ZOLLERN has evolved into an internationally recognized and successful company. Integrity and reputation are the key components of the continuous success of ZOLLERN.

All employees of ZOLLERN have the responsibility to ensure that their actions and decisions are at all times in accordance with the appropriate legal provisions and internal rules. The compliance management system supports them in this.

Compliance Management System

The compliance management system of ZOLLERN contains the elements “prevention”, “detection” and “response” and is designed for the avoidance of potential violations, for their early detection and for the initiation of appropriate counter-measures where necessary. The central element for an effective compliance management system is the analysis of compliance risks.


The element „prevention“ includes all actions for the prevention of misconduct. The code of conduct constitutes a binding framework for dealings within the corporate group and in relations with both external partners and the public.


An element in the detection of misconduct are the reporting paths that are established for compliance violations and subsequent compliance investigations. Monitoring actions and compliance audits additionally ensure that weak points are identified and can thus be eliminated.


A consistent and appropriate response will be shown to compliance violations. In addition, measures must be undertaken for the elimination of weak points.

Compliance risk analysis

The compliance risk analysis is a component of the company-wide risk management. The knowledge gained is used for the management and future development of the compliance program.

Complaints procedure in accordance with Section 8 of the German Supply Due Diligence Act

The ZOLLERN Group's complaints procedure enables individuals to draw attention to human rights and environmental risks and (possible) violations of human rights or environmental obligations in the ZOLLERN business area or in that of a direct supplier.


Code of Conduct

The central values of ZOLLERN are laid down in binding terms in the „Code of Conduct for the ZOLLERN Group“. They serve as a guide for proper and lawful conduct within our corporate group.

Download Code of Conduct

Policy statement on the human rights strategy of the ZOLLERN Group in accordance with Section 6 of the German Supply Due Diligence Act

This document describes the human rights strategy of the ZOLLERN Group in all areas of its business activities.

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