Linear units, linear modules, gantry axes, portal unit

ZOLLERN linear modules and gantry axes are developed and manufactured, for example, as single axes, two-axes gantry systems, multi-axis gantry systems or as surface gantries especially for systems in the automotive industry, the machine tool and metalworking industry, the construction industry, the food industry and other industries.

Product examples


  • Traverse paths with individual rails up to 100 m
  • Capable of being expanded to two and more independently-driven carriages on one gantry axis
  • Drive attachment according to customer requirements
  • Combination and attachment possibilities with additional ZOLLERN axes to form two-axis gantry systems and multi-axis gantry systems
  • Available in a corrosion-protected design
  • Load range from 1 to 7,000 kg depending on the series, higher loads by request
  • Vertical and horizontal installation
  • Torque absorption > 10,000 Nm
  • Carriages in torsionally-rigid, light metal design with roller bearing rollers or as a load carrying plate with roller blocks
  • Drive via toothed belt or rack and pinion, helical cut
  • Accessories: Supports, drip trays, energy chains, switch mounting, sinking protection, energy supply, pneumatic or hydraulic components