Customer-specific products and ready-to-install components made of special profiles

Custom processed special profiles, machined short parts and ready-to-install components made of sectional steel are created at ZOLLERN with a wide range of processes for different applications – in high quality and reproducibility.

Product examples



  • 发电机组使用的燕尾型截面型材
  • 泵用活塞杆
  • 门系统中可直接安装的镀锌轴
  • 绝热相互分离的滑块
  • 座椅调整结构上的零件
  • 预制的回火和硬化型材
  • 带焊接槽的模板型材
  • 其他定制产品


A wide range of processes for the further processing of special profiles is available,
which we use to produce custom processed components that are also ready-to-install if requested.

  • Hot rolling
  • Cold rolling
  • Cold drawing
  • Inductive hardening
  • Mechanical processing
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment

Service / added value

ZOLLERN offers extensive additional services and added value

  • Development partnership - from the idea to the finished product
  • Technical consultation, for example when it comes to choosing the right material
  • High component quality and reproducibility
  • High vertical range of manufacture