Environment and energy

Responsible environmental protection and sustainable resource conservation are important corporate goals at ZOLLERN, which are firmly anchored in our environmental and energy policy. ZOLLERN thereby contributes to protecting and preserving the environment as well as the natural basis of human life.

ZOLLERN’s environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001. The energy management system is certified according to ISO 50001.

The environmental and energy policy stipulates the following, among other things:

  • Resource conservation, energy savings
  • Reduction and avoidance of environmental pollution
  • Advising on environmental and energy aspects in connection with ZOLLERN products

ZOLLERN Environmental and Energy Policy

In order to realise our objectives, a cross-divisional environmental and energy management has been established in the following business units:

  • Drive Technology
  • Investment Casting
  • Sand Casting and Forging
  • Steel Profiles

The ZOLLERN Environmental and Energy Policy is based on the following principles of action. All company activities are regularly examined as to whether they correspond to these principles as well as the principle of continuous improvement.

1. Our employees across all levels of the company are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for the environment and, consequently, resource-saving behaviour in terms of energy, auxiliary materials and operating supplies.

2. The necessary measures will be taken in order to avoid or reduce environmental impacts as well as to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. In doing so, potential environmentally friendly technologies in accordance with state of the art technology will be taken into

3. The necessary measures will be taken in order to prevent the accident-related emissions of substances and save energy as much as possible.

4. We define our environmental and energy objectives as well as our Environmental and Energy Policy at regular intervals. We regularly carry out environmental and energy audits and, in doing so, check the effectiveness of our Environmental and Energy Policy. By doing this, we ensure compliance with legal and other requirements.

5. We openly and trustfully cooperate with the authorities as well as other companies concerning environmental protection and energy-saving issues.

6. Certain information that is required in order to understand the Environmental and
Energy Policy of our company is made available to the public on request.

7. The customers are appropriately advised in terms of environmental and energy aspects concerning the handling, use, maintenance and well as the recycling/disposal of the company’s products.

8. We include our suppliers and service providers in our efforts to improve environmental
protection and sustainable resource conservation.