Rotary modules, rotary tables

ZOLLERN rotary modules provide for precise rotary movements, e.g. in systems where workpieces and tools are to be turned, as rotary storage systems for clamping frame units, as rotating multi-tooling units or for heavy-duty applications.

Product examples


  • Load range > 10,000 kg
  • Mass moment of inertia > 60,000 kg/m²
  • Drive via rack and pinion or pneumatically
  • Travel angle with a media supply > +/- 360°
  • Combination and attachment options with additional ZOLLERN linear axes
  • Large bending and torsional stiffness
  • Standard tooth play +/- 2°
  • Reduced tooth play +/- 0.5°

Application areas

  • The tenter frames can be stored in the vertical or horizontal rotary storages in the area of the framer units. Framer units can be stored here to save space and are ready to be accessed quickly
  • For multi-tooling applications several tools and devices can be turned into the work area at one station