Fast conveyor

The ZOLLERN fast conveyors are specifically used for systems in the automotive industry and general mechanical engineering to bridge larger distances in the production process. An articulated arm robot can take care of the insertion and removal of parts.

The system can be used in production as pick and place and be used in flexible changeover.


Product examples


  • Compact design
  • High system availability
  • High positioning accuracy
  • High level of running smoothness
  • Very good accessibility of all components, such as motor, bearings, etc.

The main components of the fast conveyor are standardised axis systems with hardened flat guides, if necessary designed with a rack-and-pinion drive or geared belt drive. In this way, very short cycle times or high conveyor speeds can be achieved.

Depending on the design and the component load, the following speed and acceleration values are realised:

Rack and pinion drive speed: v = 3 m/s
Rack and pinion drive acceleration: a = 3 m/s²

Geared belt drive speed: v = 8 m/s
Geared belt drive acceleration: a = 4 m/s²

Standard conveyor length of up to 60 m possible.
Special solution greater than 60 m by request