Hydrostatic bearing segments for rotary tables

In addition to combined radial-axial bearings, there is above all the possibility to decouple the two degrees of freedom for large rotary tables. For this purpose, ZOLLERN offers complete bearing sets and individual bearing segments made of compound casting with special emergency running properties.

Product example

Bearing set for rotary table diameter 4,000 mm

Ready-to-install axial bearing segment made of ALSn composite casting

Ready-to-install axial bearing segment made of CuSn composite casting

Features, advantages


  • Hydrostatic thrust bearing plates for direct assembly in the machine base
  • Only one hydraulic pump required
  • Large cross-sections prevent clogging with impurities
  • Delivery with complete hydraulic system and control system optional
  • Composite casting bearing with special emergency running properties


  • Calculative unlimited service life
  • No vibrations from rolling elements
  • Excellent damping properties; higher surface quality and longer tool service lives
  • Thermally stable, heat removal directly via the lubricating oil
  • High concentricity and axial runout accuracy


  • Turning machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Milling machines