Complete systems with steel construction and control

The ZOLLERN plant and system solutions consisting of linear axes are used to interlink and automate, for example for machine tools and work centres as well as for transporting workpieces and tools.

Gantry robots are an efficient variant of automation of processing stations here. By loading from above, for example via loading hatches, the accessibility to the machine is preserved and the level of safety for the operator is increased.

Product examples


  • Turnkey systems with NC controls and PLC controls (S7-1500 / 840 D)
  • Customer-specific automation and rationalisation solutions
  • Multi-axis gantry systems for loading and unloading machines and work centres
  • System assembly, commissioning, production support
  • System solutions with conveyor technology, safety equipment and system controls
  • Integration of machine tools from all renowned manufacturers
  • Gripper systems for workpieces and tools
  • Declaration of conformity of entire systems
  • Overall project planning
  • Training (electrical, mechanical, maintenance training, operator and maintenance training, production support)
  • Reference systems in all important industrial sectors