Fabrication equipment and system solutions

Based on many years of experience in all areas of production of car manufacturers and the automotive industry, Zollern Automation has developed into an established plant contractor for the numerous branches of general engineering and fabrication equipment.

Areas of application of ZOLLERN automation

  • Multi-axis gantry systems for loading and unloading machines
  • Overhead transfer for linking machine tools
  • Overhead transfer and pick and place system for car body assembly shop
  • High capacity gantries for car body welding plants
  • Handling for blanks/feeder
  • Press feed, press linking, press automation
  • Palletising systems
  • Plants for the foundry, forging and glass industries
  • Highly dynamic gantry robots for the wood and enamelling industries
  • Linear modules and gantries for packaging plants
  • Large multi-directional gantries for commissioning plants
  • Robot slides for robots and jigs
  • Gantry robots for welding, mounting, gluing and foaming

Stages of construction

  • Controls (SPC, NC,…)
  • Guards
  • Gripper systems
  • Conveyor technologies
  • Maintenance units

System solutions and Engineering at ZOLLERN means

  • Development of customised automation and rationalisation solutions
  • Experienced teams of engineers, designers and fitters
  • Turnkey plants with NC and SPC controls from one supplier
  • Reference plants in all main industries
  • Plant assembly, commissioning, production support
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