Linear drive units & Multi axis modules

Linear drive units

The ZOLLERN linear drive units are based on many years of in house production and experience. They can be provided as

  • Standardised linear modules as a basis for modular systems
  • Horizontal and vertical linear modules for a wide range of applications
  • Robot slides as 7th axis
  • Compact, dynamic linear modules
  • Robust, precise, heavy-duty drive units

Technical details

  • Payloads between 1 kg and 5.000 kg
  • Highly dynamic due to speeds of up to 10 m/s and acceleration of up to 20 m/s2
  • Precise positioning of up to 0.05 mm
  • Toothed belt and rack-and-pinion drives
  • Hardened, ground flat guideways up to 8 m long, in one single length.
  • In-house production of precise rail guides
  • Aluminium and steel support profiles
  • Several carriages can move inter-coupled or independently on one guideway
  • Accessory parts: servo drives, cable chains, limit switches, stops, lubrication units

Multi axis modules

The ZOLLERN multi axis units are built from

  • Gantry frames
  • Cable chains
  • Drives, AC, servo
  • Rotating and swivelling axes

Areas of applications are

  • Multi-directional gantries
  • Linear gantries
  • Jib gantries
  • Multi-axis systems
  • Lifting and cross conveyors
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