Investment casting

Shaping the world.

ZOLLERN started its investment casting activities more than 60 years ago. Investment casting is a precision casting method which is growing steadily in international significance for reason of economy. The method is being used to produce larger and larger castings. Investment castings is also employed on an increasing scale for so-called super alloys which require ever more complex smelting processes.

Due to the economic benefits it offers, increasing weight is being attached to investment casting in comparative value analyses. Its scope for optimum shaping is unmatched by any other casting method. Investment castings-oriented design frequently offers an answer to technical problems which would be either impossible or far more expensive to implement using any other method.


The investment casting technique is characterized by

  • Almost unlimited scope for the shaping of castings
  • Hardly any restrictions in terms of materials
  • A high degree of dimensional accuracy due to elimination of the mould parting line usually responsible for casting imprecision
  • Facility for complex shaped inner contours due to the use of ceramic cores
  • Low material allowance on surfaces to be machined
  • A high standard of surface quality

Product range

Generally speaking, the investment casting technique is used for small piece weights of between 1 g and 10 kg. Larger workpieces up to 150 kg are also possible.

ZOLLERN offers investment casting products made of steel-, aluminum- and nickel-cobalt-based super alloys.

Steel alloy investment casting
Aluminum investment casting
Technical information

Investment casting - process

The origin of the investment casting process, respectively lost wax casting, is Southeast asia . . .  more