Hydraulic components

Precise metal works

  • for axial plunger pumps and motors
  • made of steel/Z-BHW 46 compound material for extreme loads, pulsating and vibrational stress
  • very wear-resistant even under tough operating conditions, such as cavitation, oil corrosion and lubrication shortage
  • available as pre-finished elements and as sub-assembly
  • with accurate geometry and plane parallelism due to double-sided grinding and lapping, and through monitoring the dimensional accuracy with high-precision computer-aided measuring tools
Axial piston pump with ZOLLERN hydraulic components

Material Z-BHW 46

  • Compound material of steel C22 (similar SAE1020) and lead-tin-bronze G-CuPb10SN (SAE 792), 10% Pb, 10% Sn, remainder Cu
  • Hardness: 80-100 HB 1/5/30
  • max. sliding speed: 10 m/sec


  • High load capacity
  • Reduced wear
  • Long service cycles

For slipper retainer are recommended among others:

  • nitriding steel like 31CrMoV9/ 31CrMo12 or
  • case hardening steel like 16MnCr5

Beside the general recommendations above, ZOLLERN offers application oriented project and design services.

Manifold experiences of many years in application engineering and material design are the strong basement professional consultancy. Working with ZOLLERN, starting at an early stage, helps to succeed in customer projects.