ZOLLERN gearboxes are mainly planetary gearboxes and, for special industry applications, helical gearboxes. Planetary gearboxes comprise between one and five planetary gear steps and can also feature a spur input stage. Compared to helical or worm gearboxes, planetary gears offer distinct advantages: simultaneous load distribution onto three planet wheels and increased efficiency due to lower pitch circle speeds. The ground tooth flanks create a relatively low level of noise emission. Planetary gears last longer and have a proven greater efficiency, even under such adverse conditions as -20 to +70°C. The drive can be from either high or slow-speed hydraulic motors, internal combustion or electric motors. The drive side is provided with a motor flange or keyed shaft. Backstops, brakes and circulation lubrication are available as accessories.

The most important product groups for gearboxes are:


Travel gears
Slewing gears
Wind turbine gears
Special industry gears

Each gearbox is designed and built to the exact requirements of the application.
A modular structure with a choice of planetary stages and housing parts allows a variety of combinations or individual solutions based on standard components.