Slewing gearboxes

ZOLLERN Slewing gearboxes have proved highly successful under extreme operating conditions. They use components common to our complete range (winches, slewing units, industrial gears, free fall winches) giving the advantage of mass production: cost savings from standard parts, reduced lead times, tested and proven designs across the whole range and readily available spares for units in service.

Their principal features and most significant advantages are:

  • compact dimensions 
  • ease of maintenance
  • long operation life
  • high performance
  • modular design of gear unit
  • functional design

That gives machine designers ready-to-install units for cost-efficient solutions, even where space is at a premium.

 Typical applications are:

  • mobile cranes
  • construction cranes and conveyors
  • material and working elevators
  • loading and cargo handling cranes
  • shipboard and deck cranes
  • rescue and wrecker salvage trucks
  • dockyard and harbour cranes
  • offshore cranes
  • container gantries
  • access platforms
  • azimut & pitch drives for wind turbines
  • cable and hydraulic excavators
  • wind turbines
  • tunnel drilling machines